About Em

I’ve always been a wanderer through life adventuring to new frames of mind with an energtic, loving soul. I dream to be inspired and do something bigger than myself. 23 years young, I grew up in Michigan and am currently a senior at Michigan State University stuydying advertising. As I try to be a good student, I also work as a full time server at a local family pub. Balancing school, work, my relationship, and my sanity..it’s not the easiest life. But I am surrounded with a select few who I absolutly ador. I like to live day by day making the most of each, and appreciate the small things. I think quite a deal about the future, but a current goal of mine is to be more in the present and enjoy what is around me. I am stubborn, complicated, and odd–I know this. I am learning how to be the person I want to be, and realizing I just gotta go all out with the weird and not give a damn about what others think. I think its incredibly important to feel comfortable in your own skin, and to feel able to act foolishly sometimes. No one has the blueprint of your life, so ya might as well make it an interesting picture.

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